Dinner Jacket

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Reusable, packable, insulated jacket for your Something Good pouch. Just rip the top off your meal, pop it in the jacket and add boiling water directly into your meal. Seal with the velcro and wait for 15 mins (or 10 if you're impatient). Give it a good zhuzh with your fork and enjoy! 

Not everyone needs a DJ - particularly if you can prepare your meal in a pot / jetboil / food flask. It’s a great solution for multi-night trips if you wont have any means of washing up, or if there's a group of you sharing a stove and wanting to eat together. 

We hope you'll keep reusing this forever (it's robust and easily wipeable), but if you ever need to dispose of it, it's category 4 recyclable (with other soft plastics at recycling points or kerbside if your council are on top of their game). Just unpick the stitching and velcro first.