Ooooh packaging. It didn't take us long to create great plant-based meals that dehydrate and rehydrate well, but pursuing sustainable packaging is a long journey that we're still on.

We want to find a solution that has the smallest impact on the environment, but is still robust enough to protect your dinner whilst you're up to all sorts in the wilderness (for us, that means paper is out).

As we're just starting up, the biggest challenge we have at the moment is minimum order quantities. It's typically the bigger manufacturers that have the biggest research & development budgets and hence the best solutions, but they often expect minimum orders of 10,000+, which we're just not ready for yet. 

So for now, our packaging version 1.0 is recyclable LDPE plastic (Category 4). Recycling infrastructure in the UK is really far behind other countries with similar economies and most local councils don't have the facility to recycle Category 4 from your household waste, BUT supermarkets do. You can recycle our bags with regular plastic bags at supermarket drop-offs. We know this isn't ideal and we're really excited to evolve beyond this stage, but it's the best solution we can find for now.


Our ingredients are sourced packaging-free where possible. Where not possible, we take it to the appropriate recycling points. 


Our postal packaging is recyclable and made from recyclable materials. We try to pack as efficiently as we can to save on materials and to reduce the logistics impacts for delivery.