How do you make Something Good meals?

Our meals are made through dehydration. This means they're freshly cooked, ready to be eaten, and then the majority of the moisture is removed through drying at a warm temperature. We prefer this approach to combining freeze-dried ingredients because it allows us to create real meals from fresh ingredients that we'd love to make if we were in our own kitchen after a long day outside. 

Why is the 'enjoy by' date so soon?

For now, our 'enjoy by' dates are six months after creation of each meal, which has been supported by testing from our friends in the lab. We're pretty confident our meals will be just as delicious and perfectly safe to eat for longer than this (dehydration is a natural preservation method), but we want to be able to test this for ourselves before we extend the date. The best way to do that is to simply wait and see!

Where do the ingredients come from?

Our veg and fruit are sourced from New Covent Garden market. Our ingredients arrive fresh from the market the morning that we create meals from them. Where we can source them, we use packaging-free organic ingredients. Where any of our ingredients come in packaging, we ensure it gets to the right recycle points. 

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our bags are made from LDPE which is 'Category 4' recyclable. This means it's unlikely your local council can recycle it from your kerbside bins, but there should be a collection point at your nearest big supermarket. Our mailer boxes and everything else inside are made from recycled material and are fully recyclable at home. To read more about our pursuit of more sustainable packaging, please see our Sustainability page.

How long is delivery?

Whilst we get things off the ground, we'll be delivering via Royal Mail standard delivery (2-3 working days). If you have a food emergency, please drop us an email (hello@somethinggood.co) or DM on instagram (@eat_somethinggood) and we'll see what we can do!

Do you do returns?

If you need to return your meals for any reason, please drop us an email at hello@somethinggood.co

What equipment do I need to prepare it?

All you need is access to boiled water and either:

  • a pan + a camping stove / access to a kitchen, or
  • a food flask

Our go-to is either our Jetboil stove, titanium pan or our food flask. For more information on preparation, see our Preparation page.

How do I prepare it?

Head to our Preparation page.

How many portions are in one bag?

Each bag is one serving (unless you're not very hungry and can share!).