Delicious plant-based meals for the wilderness.

Nutritious, dehydrated meals made from natural ingredients. Pack yourself a dinner to look forward to after a day doing great things outside.

Natural, delicious, and satisfying

Finally, expedition food that tastes amazing. We know how much mealtime can mean in the wilderness. It can be more than just fuel and more than a means to an end. We've created delicious, nutritious, and warming meals from real ingredients to give you a mealtime to look forward to, after a day exploring and doing good things.

Ready in 5 minutes with minimal faff

To bring your meal to life, just add enough boiling water to cover your food or refer to the volume on the bag. Then either cook on heat for 5 minutes or leave in a food flask for 15 minutes... and voila, you're good to go! Because our bags are recyclable, they are not suitable for holding boiling water - empty the contents into a pan or flask.

In lightweight, durable and recyclable packaging

We use plant-based ingredients because they're not only better for your stomach but better for our planet. We're working hard to limit the impact of our meals, whilst creating something that can sustain the rough and tumble of outdoor pursuits. Our pouches are Category 4 recyclable, with other soft plastics.

Helping you to do good things outside for longer

The mealtime for when you're in the middle of nowhere. Our lightweight meals (max 186g) enable you to be self-sufficient and truly immerse yourself in your surroundings, for as long as you need. Once empty, we'd love it if you used our resealable pouches to collect any trail litter as you go.

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